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Kenyan black tea trio with carved wooden spoon by Justea

Thés Noirs du Kenya

Vegan mango chocolate bar with fresh and dried fruit

Chocolat Végane Mangue

Yassa! Fonio pilaf with onion lime and chili by Yolélé

Fonio Pilaf - Yassa! (7 oz)

Jar of pili pili African style red hot pepper sauce by Mokili


Fonio the ancient West African frain by Yolélé

Fonio (10 oz)

Kenyan herbal tea trio with carved wooden spoon by Justea

Tisanes du Kenya

Vegan blueberry chocolate bar with fresh blueberries and coconut

Chocolat Végane Bleuets

Packaged gluten-free cassava flour for baking by JEB Foods

Farine de Manioc

Greens! Fonio pilaf with moringa and spinach by Yolélé

Fonio Pilaf - Greens! (7 oz)

Packaged egusi grounded African melon seed by JEB Foods


Kenyan tea trio with carved wooden spoon by Justea

Trio de Thés du Kenya

Vegan white chocolate bar with coconut milk and baobab.

Chocolat Végane Blanc, Coco & Baobab

Packaged African bird's eye chili pepper by JEB Foods

Piment Piri-Piri Africain

Vegan 85% dark chocolate with cacao beans

Chocolat Végane Noir

Jollof! Fonio pilaf with tomato and bell pepper by Yolélé

Fonio Pilaf - Jollof! (7 oz)

Packaged Nigerian suya pepper for grilled meats by JEB Foods

Épice Suya

Kwanga Congolese fermented cassava sticks



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